Safety Innovation Reliability

On Site & In Line Valve Repair

Fast Repairs

  • Skilled service technicians will diagnose valve problems and get you back into operation in the shortest possible time.
  • Down time is minimized because most repairs are performed in-line.
  • Each repair step is inspected and noted on a report which provides you with a detailed record of the complete repair.

In Line Equipment - Operating Ranges: l"-50"

  • Portable high-speed machines are specially designed to ensure maximum rigidity and minimize vibration during operation.
  • These machines are used to repair seat rings in gate, globe and check style valves.
  • Other single purpose machines are used for seat repairs in safety valves and to renew flange and body gasket surfaces.

Scheduled Maintenance - Integrated Mechanical Services

  • Maintenance outages are now compressed into hours and require specialized management, skills, and equipment to meet startup schedules.
  • Down time is minimized by one key element: Planning.