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Wal-Tech Valve provides complete management of your valve maintenance and repair requirements from 24 hour a day, 7 day a week emergency service for critical repairs to complete management of your valve repair and maintenance activities during scheduled outages or maintenance turnarounds.

Wal-Tech Valve is proud of its certification by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors for shop and field repairs of ASME Code Sections I and VIII safety valves. Wal-Tech Valve applies the same high-level Quality Assurance Program that allows us to maintain this certification to the repair of gate, globe, check, control, regulator, plug and butterfly valves.

Wal-Tech Valve's commitment to safety in our shop or at your facility ensures that all of our Wal-Tech Valve employees have the knowledge, equipment and desire to work with safety as the utmost concern. We demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement of our safety performance by our ongoing relationship with the North Western Florida Safety Council and the Petroleum Education Council.

Shop Service

Wal-Tech Valve handles repairs from a modern 20,000 plus square foot facility. From the very beginning, the facility has been designed to promote safety and efficiency. Our well-equipped shop allows us to do most repairs in-house. Our association with the best manufacturers in the industry provides us with ready access to OEM replacement parts.


Our shop personnel have undergone extensive classroom, shop and onsite training. This training combined with many years of industrial experience ensures Wal-Tech Valve will always provide efficient, reliable, trouble free service. Wal-Tech Valve also has an Engineering Support Group that can be called upon to provide operational and requirements-minded solutions to your valve problems.

Valve Testing

Wal-Tech Valve bench tests each safety and relief valve repaired in our facility to ensure the valve will work right when it has to. Our 1750 PSIG steam boiler equipped with a 65 cubic foot accumulator allows us to test many valves at near plant operating conditions. Wal-Tech Valve also performs bench testing on inert gas or water as required.

Wal-Tech Valve also provides in-line testing of safety and relief valves. Using our specially developed tools and computerized data collection and documentation program, we can save you time and expense. Valve performance can be validated without ever removing the valve from the line.

Oxygen Cleaning Capabilities

Wal-Tech Valve maintains the shop environment, training and strict Quality Assurance standards necessary to ensure valves intended for oxygen service are properly cleaned, labeled and packaged. Oxygen cleaning capabilities coupled with our repair services and testing capabilities means that you get a valve that is ready for service when you need it and that the valve will function flawlessly once in service.

Field Service

Wal-Tech Valve’s well trained and highly experienced field service staff, our modern equipment and facilities along with our association with the best manufacturers in the industry make us the only choice for your in-plant valve repair and maintenance work. Whether it is emergency service to get you back on line in the shortest possible time or a scheduled outage for plant maintenance, Wal-Tech Valve has the resources to get the job done!

EMERGENCY SERVICE: 1-800-245-5583

Our skilled service technicians will diagnose valve problems and effect repairs to get you back in operation in the shortest time possible. Our in-line repair capabilities, extensive parts inventory and well-equipped shop ensure that we are prepared for any situation.

Because time is critical during an emergency repair, Wal-Tech Valve’s Quality Assurance program provides for inspection of each step in the repair process. Our technicians document each step and provide a complete maintenance report. Our attention to detail ensures that valuable downtime is used wisely.

Scheduled Maintenance

The high costs of plant down time, whether scheduled or not, demands that any outage be limited to as short a duration as practical. Wal-Tech Valve can help minimize your scheduled down time and maximize your profit producing operating time by providing turnkey valve repair services for your outage. Our three-phase approach: (1) pre-outage (2) outage (3) post outage ensures that all of the details are attended to.

Sell us your Inventory!

Why keep inventory that is useless to your plant site or business?

If you've had capital improvements or sections of your site that required the removal of equipment, call us for your investment recovery options. We can purchase this used material from your laydown yard or actually supply manpower to remove the old equipment. Wal-Tech gives you the option to sell the items for cash or future credit. You decide, as the customer, the best decisions on the disposal of old inventories.

Should you have a full warehouse of maerial or just a few items...we will come to the site and evaluate the value of the inventory and offer our best price.

Our ability to reuse aftermarket valves and actuators has helped the companies selling and buying throughout the US by improving capital expenses.

Call or email Mike Bullock to discuss your opportunity!

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