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The "SMART" Repair© Program

The "SMART" Repair© Program (Save Money and Running Time) was developed by Wal-Tech Valve to save our customers time on valve repair service. Why wait on repair time when Wal-Tech Valve can provide a direct replacement for your valve. We will even buy the old valve you have in place. We can also save this valve in our stocking inventory for a future repair. You determine what works best for your plant and budget.

Here's how the "SMART" program works: Call our office for one of our skilled sales representative and give the exact makeup of the valve. We will supply a direct replacement, which can be staged next to the valve being repaired.

Wal-Tech Valve will provide a fixed cost for your site by selling you our valves and buying yours. In most cases our SMART pricing will beat the cost of repair. Cost for lost production time can be excessive. Give us a call and ask about the "SMART" program today.

  • Saving money and time is "SMART"
  • "SMART" valves delivered to your site prior to turnarounds
  • Toll Free: 1-800-245-5583